Your Journey to Personal Empowerment

The faster and more complicated life gets the harder it can be to cope. Male or female, we are required to earn lots of money and keep up to date with technology. Information overload can feel like an increasingly overwhelming task. On top of this, if we are to be seen as good enough and useful, we are supposed to look amazing and ever-youthful.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like this. We can learn how to keep ourselves healthy, balanced and in control so that we can approach our life experience with curiosity, understanding, compassion and acceptance.

Sound and Colour Therapy

The beautiful, therapeutic use of sound waves will restore your mind, body and spirit back into balance so that you can be healthy, happy and calm.

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Workshops and Private Sessions

All my workshops are designed to help you discover your Inner Self and a greater understanding of your own and others’ behaviour. These workshops are conducted with fun and humour in a totally safe environment.

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The Enlightened Voice

Choose from workshops designed to explore your voice on the deepest levels, singing lessons and public speaking lessons.

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Meditation, Chanting and Mindfulness

Learn to relax, keep your brain young, and create a positive future with mindfulness, meditation and chanting. Mind Wisdom and Soul Wisdom groups are all non-religious.

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About Laurelle B.A. Hons, PGCE, Dip ST (BAST). MBRCP

My aim is to facilitate your journey to personal empowerment on every level - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - through sound, building confidence, your voice , my music and literature. I work with people of both genders and all ages. Read more about Laurelle