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Do you feel different?

Have you ever felt as though you didn’t quite understand what all of this planet Earth stuff was about? When I was three years old, I pointed up to the stars and told my parents that that was where my home was, not here.

Being an outsider has its perks. You can learn to be an observer and it’s easier to see the bigger picture from outside because you’re not so enmeshed in the details of living. It was hard as a teenager. When other people wanted to go out and “have a laugh” I would choose to stay in and read a book, play music or walk in nature by myself.

It’s only now that I am in middle age that I can see that I made a choice. That realisation has been profound and shown me how tough I’ve been on myself over the years. Instead of understanding that I was doing what was right for me, I felt that I was not good enough, not sexy enough, not likeable enough and definitely way too serious.

At the end of the day, we are all different, but, as GeorgeOrwell might have said, some of us are more different than others. If you are one of the more sensitive or weird ones, then allow yourself to be true to who you are. Most importantly, be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up because you aren’t the way you perceive other people to be. You are you, and you are a wonderful and unique glint in the Divine eye.

Then sit back and let the sun shine on your life. You’ll start to see yourself differently and maybe, you’ll help others who feel outsiders to know that they are beautiful, too.


Love Laurelle