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2013 is the Year of the Snake. What will it mean for you?

The Chinese horoscope is the oldest in the world and has been used for thousands of years. On 10th February 2013, we left the year of the Water Dragon and entered the Year of the Water Snake. The snake represents wisdom, intelligence and self-control as well as the ability to strike at will, quickly and powerfully. Ancient Chinese wisdom says a snake in the house is a good omen because it means your family will not starve.

The snake demands that we heal ourselves and symbolises transformation by the shedding of old skin. 2013 will be the year for letting go of old patterns. While this can be challenging, discovering the new skin underneath is a revelation.

Communication is key when it comes to relationships in the Year of the Snake. Social Media is likely to become increasingly important but only communicate genuinely as any mischief might result in a backlash. Ethics, respect and trust are particularly important here – look at the scandal that is being created by the infiltration of horse meat into our food. Snakes mind their own business and only attack if they are threatened or their personal space is invaded but they bear grudges for a long time so ensure you don’t create bad feeling because you won’t be forgiven easily. Snakes are gregarious and love life’s pleasures so your social life, along with your networking, is likely to be good but snakes are easily stressed so make sure you have plenty of peace and quiet and avoid overload.

2013 is likely to be a good year for business as long as you are cautious. Research before you make deals and discover all you can about prospective partners before you sign contracts. Snake energy is self-contained. If you are in business, make sure you strike deals at the right time. Snakes are patient and love to think so give learning pride of place so that you can become an expert in your field. Running a business is likely to have its challenges to start with but finances should improve in the latter half of the year as long as you learn to save and spend wisely.

So welcome to the Year of the Snake, a year of healing, transformation and renewal. Embrace the many positive qualities, avoid the negative ones and have an abundant, prosperous, healthy and happy 2013.

Oh, and add love to the mix and have an entrancing St Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

Love Laurelle