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Are you at war with yourself?


Unbelievably, a woman is more likely to be raped than to learn to read inSouth Africa. Only now is there a genuine outcry following the horrific gang rape murders inIndiaandSouth Africa. However, this desire to acknowledge the right of women to be safe, respected and equal participants in society needs a fundamental change in all of us if it is to succeed.

The world is a reflection of who we are inside. Most of us are rushing around trying to prove that we deserve a place on this planet. Full of conflict and guilt, we shove each other aside in a desperate attempt to be better than the next person, all in the name of survival. Is it any surprise that rape, poverty and cruelty exist if we are all at war with ourselves?  

It doesn’t matter whether we are male or female, we all contain the masculine and feminine. Historically, we have squashed the feminine inside us until she lies forgotten, brutalised and ignored and that is reflected on the outside by brutality and rape.

At last we have a opportunity to change, but how do we do it? Imagine that the psyche is a circle with four quadrants – Positive Masculine, Negative Masculine, Positive Feminine and Negative Feminine. When we are in our Positive Masculine, we are focussed, ambitious, logical, organised, protective, assertive, rational, active, doing and competitive but when we are in our Negative Masculine we are aggressive, angry, controlling, harsh, domineering, critical and bullying.

In our Positive Feminine, we are intuitive, radiant, vague, spontaneous, caring, tranquil, receptive, collaborative, being, surrendering, vulnerable and passive but when we are in our Negative Feminine, we are weak, helpless, fickle, needy, victim, manipulative, insecure and pathetic.

The way forward is to raise the feminine qualities so they can stand side by side with the masculine. By joining together the positive qualities of each, there will be no more need for the negative.

To forge a stronger relationship with our inner feminine, try putting aside the distractions of television, bright lights and loud noise a day, just for a few minutes, to experience silence. Turn off phones and computers, just for half an hour a day, and walk in nature. See someone smile when they are allowed to have their unique place in the world rather than being pushed out because they are not judged good enough.

To become human beings again rather than human doings, we need to look inside and accept ourselves as we are without judgement or criticism. Only then will our Masculine and Feminine will be reborn as Divine Male and Divine Female. Once the Divine Feminine has reclaimed her power, the Divine Masculine will rejoice to have his companion back by his side.

Then, when we have found peace of mind and embraced all that we are, male and female, we will have no more need for the negative and the hideous atrocity of rape will be unthinkable.

With love, Love Laurelle x                             07964 161527