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How are you affected by the elements?


 As the storm of earlier this week reminded us, we are surrounded by the elements – fire, air, earth and water. Elements are not simply the weather, but can also be used to describe the nature of the world and ourselves. Take our temperaments, for example. Understanding the qualities and difficulties of each element can help us to understand who we are and how we need to manage ourselves. As you read the following descriptions, ask yourself which one or two elements best describe you.

Fire people are enthusiastic, courageous, decisive, passionate, creative and daring, but they can also be impatient, argumentative, irritable, uncontrolled, jealous, angry and cruel. In nature, fire is represented by the sun, lightning and light. Look around you at the fire and light in your life. Do you feel too hot or too cold? Are you lacking internal fire so that your digestion is sluggish? Have you lost motivation and drive, Do you lack inspiration or energy? Try exercising more to increase your body temperature, or sit around a fire and look into the flames. You could even sit under a full spectrum light bulb and imagine you’re on holiday, sunbathing…

Air people are ideas folk. They are free, kind-hearted, trusting, light, independent, optimistic, diligent and joyful, but they can also lack compassion and perseverance, gossip, be dishonest, cunning, backbiting, fickle, inconstant and touchy. In nature we feel air as stillness, a breeze, a wind or a gale. Do you live in your head and become despondent if your ideas don’t work out? Are you feeling trapped or that you can’t breathe? Are spending too much time indoors? Try getting more into your body and wake up your muscles. Exercise and try walking outside in nature for at least half an hour a day, breathing deeply, whatever the weather. There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing…

Water people are understanding, mild, devoted, merciful, forgiving, modest, and compassionate, but they can also be indifferent, heartless, lazy, rigid, fearful, unstable and dejected. In nature, we see water in puddles, rain, streams, rivers and the sea. Do you ever feel submerged by emotion that you don’t know how to express? Or are you numbed and dried up, unable to feel anything at all? Try dancing in the rain, or walking by the sea, a river or a stream. Swim, and allow the water to wash over you, and drink plenty of water and make sure you are well hydrated. Then watch as you begin to flow again…
Earth people are consistent, punctual, conscientious, persevering, respectful, responsible and ambitious, but they can also be stuffy, superficial, lazy, indifferent, irregular, timid and scornful. In nature, earth is represented by food, animals, plants and trees, the ground we walk on, the eruption of volcanoes and the splitting apart of earthquakes. When you feel beside yourself, overwhelmed or lethargic and heavy, try jumping up and down, or go and look at some flowers, hug a tree, or stand on the soil in your bare feet. To stay grounded or to ground yourself, imagine roots going down from the soles of your feet deep into the earth, and then wrapping them round two boulders. Then relax and allow yourself to reconnect again…

By now, you probably have a good idea of which element or elements particularly describe you, but, ultimately, we need to resonate with all four elements equally, instinctively making up for what we lack by teaming up with other people who have the elemental qualities we are not so strong in. For this, we need to see the many and various ways in which elements interrelate. Fire sits on the earth, water flows over the earth, air stokes fire, water dowses fire, fire warms water etc. All combinations are possible, and, although some work better than others, all ultimately take centre stage at different times and need to learn to live in harmony with each other.

So have fun, respect and enjoy the elements. Go out into the weather, whatever it is, and experience all of its qualities, trying not to judge them as good or bad. After all, if you are feeling trapped, standing in a strong wind can bring a wonderful sense of release. If you are drowning in emotion, a delicious meal can help to ground you. If you are feeling bored and apathetic, sitting by a fire can help to inspire you again. Elements are powerful and extraordinary beyond belief. A greater understanding of them and connection with them can help you to become more of you who truly are.

Have a wonderfully blowy, still, rainy, dry, warm, cold, and muddy Autumn, and celebrate the enormous variety and endless possibility of every element of your life!

Love Laurelle x

Quality or Quantity?


As we rush around chasing our tails, running our businesses, our families and our homes, how often do we stop to ask ourselves what quality of energy we are actually running on, rather than the quantity? I’m not talking about nutrition or exercise or health, although are all those are fundamental, but a different type of energy – the energy of the quality of our lives.

Our souls are made up of qualities rather than quantities. Certainly, we may have talents and abilities but they are what we have, rather than who we are.

Realising that we are made up of qualities is transformative and proves that we can see the world through different eyes. No longer do we have to watch how much success or failure we amass, or how much weight we gain or lose, or how much money we earn or don’t.  No longer do we have to feel like a weighing machine in which we have to do with what we’re given and we never feel we have enough.  No longer do we have to be a filter of suspicion under which we hide, in the hope that we will be safe and no-one will hurt us. Instead, when we see ourselves as giving qualities in all that we do, we become a circle through which life flows, open and curious to see how it unfolds.

We are made up of countless unquantifiable qualities – joy, love, peace, co-operation, compassion, patience, humility, respect, kindness, responsibility, honesty, truth, freedom, happiness, mercy, simplicity, tolerance and unity etc. Choosing to see how these flow through us means that we can discover the numerous ways in which we are linked. There is no more need for competition because we are all on the same side.

It is a relief to live our lives through our qualities. Our journeys transform from a fight to win against everyone else, into a dance in which we are all holding hands. We can meet each conversation with happiness, compassion and deep listening, each business meeting with honesty, justice and genuine interest, each connection with joy, gratitude and love.

Try taking a different quality every day and living through it in everything you do and think. If you choose peace, for instance, eat your breakfast peacefully and conduct your conversations in peace. If you meet anger or negativity, step back and feel compassion for the person, for they are in pain. It is a law of physics that we resonate with each other but you can choose not to resonate with anger. Instead, resonate with peace and watch them calm down as they resonate with your positivity, for positivity is based on truth which is strong, whereas negativity is based on fear, which is weak.

It is not only possible to live life through qualities, but it is also beautiful. Start today and watch your world transform before your eyes into something of genuine, abundant quality.

Love Laurelle x