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Climate Change – External or Internal?

Earth with high relief, illuminated by the sun

According to a U.N. report which has just been published, the impacts of global warming are likely to be “severe, pervasive and irreversible“. Nobody on this planet is going to be untouched by the impacts of climate change.

If you view climate change as being something you can do nothing about, then you will be feeling disempowered and helpless at such news. However, it is possible to re-frame climate change creatively.

Let’s suppose that climate change is a reflection of what we are like inside. Byron Katie has said that there are three types of business – my businessyour business and God’s business. We can only change our own business, not anyone else’s or God’s. Climate change is most definitely in the realm of God’s business. The trick is to change it into our business.

Take flooding. Rivers are blocked by silt and litter. Glaciers are melting so that seas are rising, threatening to engulf low-lying land. Try looking at it a different way. Water symbolically stands for emotion. Are your emotional rivers blocked and your emotional seas rising to dangerous levels? Are your emotions unable to flow because they are silted up with the junk of negative beliefs and attitudes? What if you learned how to speak your truth in a non-threatening way so that others could hear you and you could safely let go?

Drought is a symbol of numbness. Just as the sun burns all to sand in the Sahara desert (it used to be covered by trees), in what ways are you refusing to feel? Are your experiences so painful that you would rather spend your evenings in front of mindless television or drinking or eating or exercising yourself to oblivion so you don’t have to confront your issues? What if you went on an inner journey and discovered who you really are?

There is also the reality of famine. Look at this another way. Have you forgotten what real food is? Do you eat on the run? Do you take the bounty that the Earth provides for granted and throw the first packet you find into a microwave? What if you took the time to eat and nourish yourself on all the levels – body, mind and soul? What if you spent more time being grateful and blessed your food before you ate it?

The fact is that the impacts of warming have almost doubled since the last report in 2007. What more information do we need before we understand that we have to change? We don’t have to be in Africa to feel the effects of famine, or in England or Bangladesh to feel the effects of flooding, or in the desert to feel the effects of drought. We can feel the effects of our own negativity just by being inside ourselves. Yes, it can be a tough place to be at first but If we want our inner nature to be a comfortable place to live in then, we need to stop polluting ourselves just as we need to stop polluting the planet.

Ignorance is no longer a reasonable excuse. We owe it to our children to stop ignoring the outer world and our inner selves. Be courageous, take your power back and change your inner landscape. Dare to restore peace and harmony to your emotions and let them flow freely as they were meant to do. Take the space to nourish yourself and be grateful. Step back and listen: once you have found joy and appreciation, you will find them much more comfortable to live with than anger and resentment.

We live on an extraordinary planet and we have the potential to be extraordinary beings. Let’s grab our courage with both hands and journey inside as well as out. Miracles can happen: the change does not have to be irreversible. Enjoy the trip – the earth will appreciate it and then, maybe, like us, she can begin to heal.

With love


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Can we Stop our Brains from Aging?


Most of us know what it’s like to get to the top of the stairs and forget why we went up in the first place. Or we put our phone in the fridge. Or we meet someone we know but can’t remember their name. Is this the dreaded onset of mental decline? Does this mean that our brains are deteriorating?   

Research has proven that the frontal cortex of the brain thins in age-related conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Also, people with depression can have up to a 28% thinner right prefrontal cortex.

Fortunately, this thinning is not inevitable. Research shows that there are ways of staving off age-related brain conditions, anxiety and depression. Meditation has been shown to thicken the prefrontal cortex and, fortunately, it is never too late to benefit

Try sitting comfortably with your spine erect. Close your eyes or have them only slightly open with a softened gaze. Become aware of the surfaces supporting your body. Then scan your body from feet to head, observing any areas of pain or discomfort and letting go of any tension. Finally, focus onyour breathing, trying not to become caught up in your thoughts. Practice this for a few minutes every day and you will soon start to notice the benefits.

If you would like to learn more, I run monthly meditation classes in Oxfordshire. On the first Thursday evening of the month you can come and learn Mindfulness Meditation and on the last Thursday evening of the month you can learn how to meditate using your voice. Both sessions will teach you invaluable skills that will keep your brain young and healthy. 

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With a little time, determination and perseverance, you really can stay young on the inside. It helps with the outside, too!


With love and Spring daffodils,  Laurelle