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Where has your confidence gone?

Laurelle through harp strings

All humans are born confident so why do most of us feel not good enough? The word ‘confidence’ comes from the Latin ‘to have faith’ so confidence really means believing in yourself. All babies are born confident but school, parents, friends, culture, the media and religion soon bury our innate confidence under layers of shoulds, oughts and must nots.

There are many different types of confidence and uncovering them is one of our life’s tasks. Physical confidence can be accessed through breathing. Unfortunately, most of us have forgotten how to breathe properly and push the breath up into our chests causing stress and a further lack of confidence. Correct breathing can transform the way we feel about ourselves and help to release confidence naturally.

Emotional confidence can be rediscovered when we learn to relate authentically to ourselves and others. Learning to use language mindfully in relationships, rather than criticising ourselves or others, allows confidence to shine through.

One of the best ways to discover mental confidence is to learn how to speak effectively in public. Public Speaking is the Western World’s number one fear and we are more scared of it than of dying. However, when we learn to speak in public we have to face our fears and, as a result, our confidence magically reappears.

Our unique confidence is a little different, however. Like teabags, we don’t find out how strong we are until we’re put in hot water. Sometimes we need that water to be boiling for our real flavour to be brought out. Many people have endured terrifying ordeals and still given the world a confident message. Anne Frank wrote about love and forgiveness while hiding from the Nazis. Nelson Mandela led his country in peace after being imprisoned for 26 years. Maya Angelou became a poet and internationally acclaimed speaker after being raped as a child and becoming mute for many years. Fortunately, our lives don’t have to be this dramatic but we do have to allow ourselves to be pared back to our real, glorious selves if we want our confidence to shine out.

So, go on, dare to be yourself and rediscover your confidence! If you need help, I will be running a series of five workshops called The Confidence Shift between this month, October, and July 2015 in which we will make the fascinating journey into the centre of ourselves. For more details, go to my website

Happy Autumn!

Love Laurelle x

Is Peace Really Possible?


 There is enormous chaos in the world at the moment. Violence and conflict seem to be ripping the planet apart and even if we are lucky enough not to be directly involved, many of us are frightened. Fear and hatred is like a disease and it is made worse by the news which is being continually broadcast in the media.
But there is another way of looking at this. What if what we see outside in the world is a reflection of what is inside us? According to the Mayans, we are at the end of a cycle and on the brink of colossal change. What if this means that the violence we are witnessing at the moment is poison that has to be got rid of before healing can begin?

All sorts of abscesses are erupting at the moment and not just abroad. Look at the news of sexual abuse being revealed in all corners of society as we deem it no longer acceptable for such behaviours to be swept under the carpet and ignored. But it’s not just the famous who need to be challenged. What about our own greedselfishness and desire to have power over others? What about the failure of our own relationships and the way we blame everyone else for what is going wrong in our lives?

It’s about time that we started to do a bit of spring cleaning on ourselves. Our minds are like beautiful gardens that have been choked by weeds. Those weeds are our wounds – fear, hatred, abandonment, rejection, betrayal and loss and we all have them. They are not simply confined to those with the most grotesque stories to tell.

If we start weeding our minds to make room for something more positive to take root, we will be able to nurture our qualities – self worth, personal valueself respect, awareness, gratitude, appreciation, joy and, of course, fun. Our true power lies in our power to become our real selves.

We will need to keep tending our gardens for our whole lives but it will be worth it, and not just for ourselves. Once forgiveness, gratitude, appreciation and joy flourish, they will flow into the Collective Conscious. It is then that our leaders will start to consider more peaceful ways of action so that, at last, war can become a thing of the past.

So, yes, peace is possible but only when we are peaceful inside ourselves will the world reflect that peace back to us.

Happy gardening!

Love Laurelle x

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