Is peace possible?


Whilst we celebrated Christmas, the war in Syria continued as did global political, racial and gender injustice and the disrespectful treatment of many people, animals and the earth. As we enter the New Year, instability, on a personal, national and global level, has become almost overwhelming and we feel powerless to affect any change.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Like the spring to come, there are already wonderful shoots appearing from the ground. 100 years ago, men wanted to go to war in order to grow up and discover their manhood. Now our consciousness has shifted and we prefer peace. This is due to a fundamental shift from ego and left–brain dominance to a greater equality between both hemispheres of the brain.

While the left hemisphere, the home of Male energy, enables us to survive on a physical plane, the right hemisphere, the home of Female energy, enables us to create on a spiritual plane. This is not a gender issue. Each of us is a combination of masculine and feminine energies.

So what does this mean? The left hemisphere is the “doing brain” which enables us to survive on the physical plane, whereas the right hemisphere is the “being brain” which enables us to connect with the spiritual plane. Jill Bolte Taylor has written an extraordinary book on this subject. An eminent Harvard neuroscientist, she suffered a stroke at the age of 37 during which her left hemisphere was completely wiped out by a massive bleed. As a result, she went into a state of bliss, which is the natural state of the right brain. “My Stroke of Insight” is the extraordinary story of how she regained use of her left hemisphere and the choices it gave her.

Regaining a balance between the two hemispheres of the brain means that we can learn how to relinquish control and goal-setting at least some of the time and go into stillness and silence, away from the addiction of busyness. It requires practice – after all, we’ve had a lifetime of practicing the left-brained way. It stands to sense that, in order to regain a better balance, for the moment we might need to concentrate a little more relaxation and other creative pursuits. That is why there has been an explosion of interest in meditation and mindfulness. Whereas such ideas were virtually unheard of in the western world 100 years ago, courses to help us are now appearing around every corner.

The good news is that we can make a difference to the world simply by balancing our thoughts. We can choose to change consciousness with every thought we think and every action we take, however small. That is why it is essential to choose peaceful thoughts and actions. If we find ourselves getting angry over something, we need to learn to let it go. The anger response in the body takes 90 seconds from beginning to end. Once that 90 seconds has gone, it is merely choice that keeps it going round our bodies and minds.

Learning to use our right brain more frequently will affect a major shift in consciousness across the planet, so take up singing, music, painting and poetry or anything that makes you feel creative. Learn how to slow down by mediating or dancing or simply being with someone in silence. There are endless ways to get into the right brain. Once you are there, you will at last achieve the peace of mind that we all long for. And then, at last, our personal and collective consciousness will shift and we will achieve peace both internally and externally.

Wishing you all a peaceful and beautiful 2015.

Love Laurelle x