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Do you have the guts to live your life to the full?

We need guts to live life and this month, we are exploring the sacral chakra, their place in the body. The sacral chakra is the energy centre in the navel area at the front, and the sacrum, the triangular bone just below the lumbar spine at the back.

The sacral chakra develops between the ages of 7 and 14 years, the age at which we begin to realise that we are separate from our family. This age is when we are first inspired to begin forming relationships with others. In addition, we also become aware of the polarity of opposites such as positive and negative, and male and female.

The sacral chakra is governed by the element of water and it is therefore the body’s liquids blood, lymph, mucus, urine and saliva – that are of paramount importance here. As water symbolises emotion, these liquid parts of our body will often reflect our emotional lives so pay particular awareness to issues such as blood pressure.

On a physical level, the sacral chakra governs the sexual organs, bladder, prostate and womb and symptoms of imbalance are clumsiness, infertility, uterine or bladder issues, sexual difficulties, impotence, lack of flexibility, sciatica, lower back pain and problems with elimination. On an emotional level, it is here that shock and trauma are stored. The mental level is concerned with sexual problems, fear of commitment, boundaries and attachment. Spiritually, this area rules desire and creativity. The sense is taste, and this chakra requires us to eat healthily. In fact, an under developed sacral chakra can lead to the addictions of sugar, food and alcohol.

Fortunately, there is a lot that we can do to improve the health of our sacral chakra. As far as exercise is concerned, the sacral responds particularly well to a gentle approach like yoga. Try this seated exercise – roll your pelvis forwards as you breathe in, and then roll it backwards as you breathe out. As water is its element, swimming is idea, as well as walking by the sea and having luxurious and/or calming showers and baths.

The sacral chakra represents creativity so learning to use the imagination is most helpful. Try focusing on the colour orange by closing your eyes and taking a long, deep breath. As you exhale, move your attention to the lower part of your abdomen and visualise the reflection of an orange moon on the surface of a calm lake. Imagine that you are standing in the water and that the colourful glow is spreading to the rest of your body in ripples, bathing you in orange light.

Contemplation helps, too. Think of the lotus flower and its unique attributes which enable it to grow in mud but remain unsullied. This remarkable flower can be surrounded by water and yet remain untouched by it. Moreover, its spectacular bloom is produced by sludge, proving that impurity can co-exist with purity, imperfection with perfection, experience with bliss.

The lessons of the sacral chakra are to balance our emotions and let go of what we no longer need, so next time you feel you are in deep water in your life, stop, sit back and observe all the aspects which are bothering you. Then put your hands on your belly and slow down your breathing. Come back into yourself and know that, like the lotus, you are beautiful, however murky the water looks around you. Let it drain away, take another deep breath, and smile.

Love Laurelle