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How strong is your self-esteem?

Are you passionate about what you do? Are you afraid of change?
What causes you to lose your power and why?

These questions are all relevant to the next of our chakras, the Solar Plexus. Located in the stomach area, this energy centre develops between the ages of 14 and 21 years old when we begin to explore the self and individuality. As we begin to question our relationship to the world around us and the beliefs that we hold, we start to form a sense of our own power and control so that we develop self-respect, self-esteem, self-discipline, ambition, courage, generosity, ethics, and the ability to hear our gut feelings.

On a physical level, this third chakra is concerned with stomach digestion, muscles and the liver. Conditions such as diabetes, stomach problems, low energy, gallstones, muscle cramps and liver disorders are all associated with an imbalance in the Solar Plexus. An under active chakra may show up as sluggishness, chronic fatigue and weak muscle strength while an over active chakra may show up as hypertension, ulcers and muscle spasms.

On an emotional level, nervousness, anxiety, irrational fear, a fear of rejection, hyper sensitivity to criticism and attention-seeking behaviour suggest that this chakra is out of balance. An under active solar plexus may show up in feelings of lack of recognition, aloofness, fear of something new and low self-esteem, while an overactive solar plexus may show in the need to exert power over others, a hot temper, demanding, blaming, and judgmental attitudes.

On a mental level, manipulation, control issues and perfectionism are key to this area. The need for approval, narcissism, anger, shame, inadequacy, self-consciousness and a fear of others can demonstrate an imbalance. An under active chakra may show up in dis-empowerment, indecisiveness and poor self-image, while an over active chakra may show up in arrogance, self-centredness, power grabbing and the chasing of fame, dysfunctional relationships and high levels of stress.

The addictions associated with the Solar Plexus are food, caffeine, and compulsive cleaning or slovenliness.

On a spiritual level, the lesson of the Solar Plexus is to learn how to honour yourself and others, and also how to forgive.

So if you think your Solar Plexus needs strengthening, what can you do? The element is fire so being in the sunshine helps. As the sense is sight, art will help you to grow whether you do it yourself or simply look at it. This chakra loves the intellect so learning can also be very useful here. Socially, networking and connecting with others can be helpful, too. If you really want a challenge, go on a fire walk. I have done it twice. It’s surprisingly easy to overcome your fears once you set your mind to it.

So, as solar means the sun, this is a perfect time of year to work on this area. As you enjoy the sunshine strengthen your third chakra and feel your self-esteem blossom along with the flowers!

Love Laurelle