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How mindful are you?

Laurelle Himalayan roses

Do you trust your intuition? Do you use your imagination? Do you  fantasize too much?

As we continue our exploration of the chakras, let’s now look at the brow chakra which is situated between the eyebrows and often known as the third eye. It develops between the ages of 35 – 42 years old, concentrates on perception, imagination and visualisation and is the seat of the mind which is 95% Unconscious and largely responsible for our behaviour.

Physically, the brow chakra is concerned with the base of the skull, the hypothalamus in the brain, the eyes and the autonomic nervous system, (responsible for heart beat, lungs, kidney function etc.). On a mental level, the brow chakra is concerned with the imagination, psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. A developed brow chakra will enable us to see that the outer world is a reflection of the inner world and that, if we want to heal what is happening around us, we need to heal ourselves first.

The health issues of the brown chakra are poor memory, worry, being spaced-out, poor concentration, headaches, eye problems and neurological problems. Emotional imbalances are the constant need for escapism and fantasy. Mental imbalances are indicated by the inability to visualise and conceptualise.

 Interestingly, the brow is also where the masculine and feminine principles meet. The pituitary gland is under the influence of the brow chakra. Situated behind the third eye and the size of a pea, it does much to control hormones. The pineal gland, which is controlled by the crown chakra, the chakra that we will look at next month, is vital in its role of balancing the pituitary. Where the pituitary holds the masculine charge, the pineal holds the feminine. The brow chakra is where they can both meet and “marry” within each of us. When these two glands work together, the male and female energies within each of us mingle and balance each other.

So how can we encourage development of this extraordinary area? First, use the colour indigo. If you find this difficult to imagine, you can visualise and/or wear deep purple instead. Specific breathing exercises are also useful. Alternate nostril breathing will help us to balance the female and male energies within us. Because the left nostril is directly connected with the female principle and the right to the male, by isolating them one at a time, we can learn to breathe equally through both. Try blocking your right nostril with the thumb of your right hand. Now breathe in through the left nostril, take your thumb off your right nostril and put your ring finger on the left nostril, and breathe out through the right nostril. Repeat several times and swap over. You can use your left hand to do the blocking and unblocking if you prefer.

The brow chakra is intimately connected with the imagination and if this sense is not working properly, then we will have vastly reduced life satisfaction. To develop this skill, close your eyes and breathe deeply three times through both nostrils, concentrating on the middle of your forehead. Now visualize number one a few times. Then number two, etc, all the way up to number ten. You can also colours instead if that appeals to you more.

One of the most beautiful meditations for this chakra is to create a sanctuary in your mind where you can retreat to at any time. Close your eyes and go into your mind through your third eye. Now visualise a room which is totally safe and only for you. Decorate it any way you like until you have achieved a place that feels like your personal sanctuary. You can come back here as many times as you like and rest. Each time you come out again, you will feel refreshed and restored. You will also have developed your brow chakra.

Have a happy, wise and joyful Autumn!

Love Laurelle