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The Need for Balance

Christmas is a time for stories and winter for gathering round a fire to tell and share our tales. Storytelling is a vital part of human life from tales told to children to help them to sleep, to web-weaving our lives into some kind of tapestry that can be told. Storytelling balances us and helps us to understand the incomprehensible.

Mythology grew up with such an aim in mind. Common throughout the ancient near East and the Mediterranean were tales of a male god who died and, as a result of the great work done by his female consort, was reborn. The male represented the sacrificial lamb while the female represented eternity. Together, they described the cyclical nature of birth life and death. From Ancient Egypt there is Osiris and Isis, from Mesopotamia Tammuz and Innana-Ishtar, from Lebanon Eshmun and Astarte, from Palestine Baal and Anat, and from Britain Taliesin and Ceridwen. Each male god was killed, often more than once, and after being put back together by his female consort, eventually reborn.

The Christian story of Jesus has many parallels with this ancient myth except that the female consort was removed. In an attempt to redress this imbalance, the church was portrayed as the missing female part but this didn’t satisfy the people who also wanted a female deity. Mary Magdelene, whom many are beginning to believe may have been the bride of Jesus, was denigrated to the status of a prostitute. Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus, was put in as a substitute for the consort but even she was toned down when worshippers began to place too much importance on her.

Removing one half of the heavenly duo has led to a dangerous imbalance and the denial of the Mystical Marriage has resulted in two thousand years of Christian patriarchy. Women are still seen as second class citizens in many places and, even in the UK, a land of many freedoms, it is anticipated that equal pay between men and women will not be achieved universally until 2050.

Nowhere do we find Jesus saying that women are second class citizens so isn’t it about time that we restored the Divine Female to her true place, by the side of the Divine Male? With the atrocities that are being committed against both men and women around the world today, we desperately need the classic female qualities of compassion, nurturing and forgiveness. If we are to get through this dangerous time and come out the other side in a more balanced and caring way, then each of us needs to restore the male and female elements inside us before we will be able to see more harmonious results in the outside world.

Wishing us all a more peaceful, united and balanced 2016.

Love Laurelle