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Who is your Inner Child?

Last month, we learned that 95% of us in unconscious and that the language that this Unconsciousness speaks is archetypes, patterns of behaviour that we work through during our lives in order to find ourselves. According to the American Medical Intuitive, Caroline Myss, each of us works mainly through twelve major archetypes, four of which we all have in common.

The first of these shared archetypes The Child. The Child represents safety, loyalty and family and teaches us how to go from dependency to self responsibility. We first meet The Child in fairy tales and one of its most common aspects is The Orphan. For example, Cinderella’s mother dies and her father goes away, leaving her to be bullied by her wicked stepmother and her daughters. She has to endure bullying and injustice but her good nature wins out and she gets her Prince in the end. The Orphan reflects the fear of abandonment and forced solitude and loneliness is its cry but, if we work with the archetype, it will teach us how to grow up independently, reinvent ourselves and become self responsible. As with all archetypes, The Orphan has a shadow aspect. This manifests when the wounds of abandonment and rejection stop us from growing up and discovering how to live alone gracefully.

The Wounded Child is another version of The Child archetype, this time seen through the lens of the abuse, neglect and trauma suffered during childhood. Its shadow aspect may manifest as an abiding sense of self-pity and a tendency to blame parents for everything, but the person who works through the Wounded Child archetype can ultimately learn compassion, forgiveness and how to be of service to others.

The Magical Child represents the part of us that is both enchanted and enchanting, seeing the potential for beauty in everything and embodying qualities of wisdom and courage in the face of difficult circumstances. Anne Frank was a Magical Child who believed in the potential of love in everyone even though, as a Jew, she faced death from the Nazis. Its shadow is pessimism, depression and a retreat into fantasy, which can be as a result of the ridiculing of a Magical Child’s dreams by cynical adults.

The Nature Child has a particular affinity with animals and combines tender, emotional qualities with inner toughness and an innate ability to survive. However, the shadow side can manifest as cruelty to animals and a disregard of nature.

The Eternal Child manifests as a determination to remain eternally young. Peter Pan resists growing up, determined to live a life outside the boundaries of conventional adulthood. The shadow aspect manifests as an unwillingness to grow up and embrace the responsible life of an adult and can be seen in unreliability and the overuse of cosmetic surgery.

There are many more versions of The Child archetype and searching inside the Self is the only way to determine which we are working through. Common to them all is the journey from neediness and dependence to self-responsibility that this archetype helps us to go on. Sometimes it is most easily identifiable from its wounds of abandonment, loss and rejection and can be heard in language such as: “I can’t”, “It’s not fair”, “It’s your fault”, and “You don’t love me”.  So listen to what you  say, most particularly when your buttons are pushed and you default into unconscious behaviour. The trick is to recognise what is happening and then using The Child to grow up, toughen up, accept consequences, forgive, be compassionate and embrace self-responsibility. It can be a tough challenge, but, if we don’t take it, we will experience failure, defeat and be unable to engage in the game of life.

Most of all, keep in mind that it is The Child in us that enables us to play. Embracing our Inner Child will not only reveal our wounds so that we can begin to heal them, but it will also show us how to have fun!

Happy April!

Love Laurelle

How on earth do we cope with terrorism and atrocity?

I am writing this in response to yesterday’s horrific actions in Brussels. This, along with the daily reports of atrocities around the world, have left many of us reeling. Although we try to distract ourselves from the pain, we know that the suffering will not go away if we continue like this. It doesn’t help that we are me are masters of distraction. Beginning as a baby when we try to shut off our sensitivity because we can’t handle the intense energy and emotions of others, we only add more and more ways to distract ourselves as we grow up.

But the emotions we try so hard to avoid are stored in the cells of the physical body and become part the Collective Consciousness – the part of us that we all share. That negative emotion then adds fuel to our thinking, creating a personal electromagnetic field which acts like a magnet. This means that by feeling the fear engendered by terrorism, we are enabling that energy to return again and again.

But how do we stop such a natural reaction? It takes extraordinary strength and stamina to resist the low energy tsunamis in the Collective Unconscious caused by terrorism, yet that is exactly what we have to do if we are to climb out of the vicious circle of low frequency negative energy. It is only by neutralising low frequency negativity with high frequency positivity that we can stop being victims and claim back our power of free will and choice.

There are many low frequency forms of energy such as hatred, anger, worry, anxiety, despondency and hopelessness but fear resonates at the lowest frequency of all. Conversely, there are many high frequency forms of energy such a joy, co-operation, honesty, forgiveness, trust and compassion with love resonating at the highest frequency of all. Unfortunately the word “love” has become somewhat hackneyed and misused. However, in its purest form, it is also the most powerful frequency in the universe. Therefore, if only we can find a way of feeling love as our primary frequency, we will raise the vibrations of the Collective, negativity and fear will cease to rule us.

Being in the frequency of love means seeing the beauty in everyone, whoever they are and whatever they are doing. Like all frequencies, we need to practice endlessly so that it becomes our predominant frequency. That may not be so hard when we live relatively happy lives, but if we are involved in atrocities such as terrorism, feeling love instead of hatred will be the hardest challenge we will ever face. The place to start is by taking our minds off ourselves and really being present with whatever or whoever we are at the time. Then search for and honour the beauty in them, having the discipline to stop ourselves the moment we see negativity or start judging and criticising. With practise, seeing the beauty will become a habit and once we are re-entrained to the positive, it becomes about what we expect.

This brings to mind a true story told to me by a dear friend. When a young man began teaching at a failing school, his pupils all began to do extraordinarily well. The Head came into to ask what the secret was. The teacher smiled and pointed to the register. “Look, here are all their IQ levels – they are all extremely bright. Of course they are doing well.” The Head stared at him in astonishment. “These are not their IQ levels,” he exclaimed. “They are their locker numbers!”

It is extraordinary but it seems that when you see and then expect the best in everyone, they come up trumps. You can still send your heart out to those who are suffering, but by concentrating on the positive frequencies not the negative. Learning the stamina and strength to uphold high level frequencies and energies is a journey for all of mankind, but it is a journey that begins with each one of us. Remember, you can see a candle flame in an ocean of darkness but you won’t even notice a smudge of darkness in an ocean of light.

Wishing us all love and peace