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In which ways do you sabotage yourself?

The third of our four shared survival archetypes is the Saboteur. The Saboteur archetype is all about the fear of change. Because most of us lack self-esteem and self-belief, we will do almost anything to stop change or at least try to slow it down, whether the change is for the good or the bad. Take a creative idea for a new business, for example. If we’re frightened of failure, or of what other people might think of us if we put that new idea into action, most of us will sabotage it and do nothing. Or take a new relationship: if it threatens the life we have so carefully created, or we fear we may be hurt, then we will end it precipitously. Or what about clean eating? We all know that it will make us feel healthier and fitter, but if we don’t feel good enough, or if we secretly fear that being slim will open up all sorts of opportunities that will take us out of our comfort zone, then we’ll be turning to junk food by lunchtime.

It’s important to remember that archetypes are here to help us. Because 95% of our minds is unconscious, we need to work through unconscious patterns so that we can grow into greater consciousness. The Saboteur exists to develop our self-esteem, self-belief and courage. We can either ignore it, take the easy route and stay ordinary, or work with it, go out of our comfort zone, dare to make mistakes and become extraordinary. But be aware that ignoring the Saboteur comes at a price. Not only to we betray ourselves and cause ourselves deep pain, but its shadow will manifest in the form of self-destructive behaviour and/or the desire to undermine others.

Working with the Saboteur offers us a gateway into our potential. Because it works through intuition and gut instinct rather than rational thought, it teaches us to listen to our inner promptings and learn to trust them. As a result, we develop courage and self-belief. This in turn enables us to turn that phenomenal idea into a viable business, that relationship into something that lasts, and that eating regime into a healthy and fit body.

The first step to working through the Saboteur, is to realise when you have gone into its subconscious pattern. When you hear yourself or someone else saying: “I don’t know what to do,” “I’ll do it tomorrow,” “I’ll wait until I’ve lost a stone before I…”, “I know what I should do but…”, or “If only…”, then you know the Saboteur is rearing its head. Once you have recognised the pattern, stop, step out of it and refrain from making any decisions. Allow yourself the necessary silence and space to hear your hunches and intuition, then discern whether you are being faced with something positive or negative for you. Little by little, your self-esteem will build up alongside courage and, before you know it, you will be strong enough to embrace positive change and brave enough to say no when the change is not in your best interest.

Ultimately, the Saboteur is a good friend who will tell you what you need to know as long as you are prepared to listen. The question is, will you choose to stay small or will you dare to be big? Will you settle for an easy route and a life of bitter disappointment and regret, or will you move out of your comfort zone, dare to make mistakes, and discover who you really can be? Will you settle for being ordinary, or will you take the challenge that the Saboteur offers and lead an extraordinary life?

Happy June.

Love Laurelle