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In which ways do you prostitute yourself?

The fourth and final survival archetype that we all share is The Prostitute. This is a difficult word for most of us and yet this is one of the most beautiful of all archetypes to work through. We prostitute ourselves when we sell our bodies or minds for money or when we compromise our morals and ethics for financial gain.

The Prostitute begins by showing us our price, how we can be bought and what we will sell ourselves for – e.g. talents, ideas, and any other expression of the self – in order to be safe and financially secure.

The end game of the Prostitute archetype, however, is the learning and building up of integrity and qualities. It teaches us self-esteem and self-respect so that we are strong enough to stand up and be counted.

In order to find out what is really important to you, try asking yourself some of these questions: Have you ever stayed in a marriage or job simply for financial gain? Have you ever sold out to people or organisations you do not truly believe in? Have you ever put another person in a compromising position in order to gain power over them? Have you ever bought another person’s loyalty, support, or even silence, in order to have your way? What do you care enough about to stand up for?

Working through the Prostitute Archetype develops moral stamina. It is rarely comfortable: and we may end up going against some of our friends, our family or even our culture, but the qualities we will develop – e.g. honesty, integrity, compassion and acceptance – will be worth it.  A wonderful example of the archetype is the film “Indecent Proposal” with Robert Redford and Demi Moore. A rich man offers a million dollars to spend a night with the wife of a happily married young couple. The husband needs money so he agrees. The rest is history…

So embrace your own Prostitute Archetype and try not to judge others when they are working through theirs. Allow it to teach you to look at your life and decide what’s important to you. Then claim your personal power and be everything you are capable of being.

Have a wonderful summer.

Love Laurelle