2017 – The Year of the Wake Up Call

On 28th January 2017, we will move from the Year of the Trickster Monkey to the Year of the Fire Rooster which will last until 15th February 2018. Just as the Year of The Trickster Monkey has been predictable in its leg-pulling unpredictability, the time of the Rooster will be a wake-up call in which triumph and success will only be achieved through hard work, efficiency and patience.

The Rooster is flamboyant and likes to strut his stuff with his chest puffed out. He also holds his head up high and likes to be noticed. It is important to realise, however, that his rather grandiose love of centre stage can mask an inner lack of self-confidence which means that he can be susceptible to flattery and loves to be adored. He can also hide his weaknesses behind a veneer of arrogance. The Rooster can be exceptionally blunt and direct and diplomacy is completely out of his remit. Moreover, his sharp mind can lead to argumentativeness and he can be particularly harsh with anyone with woolly thinking. (Whoops, not good news for me as a Sheep, then…!)

Roosters tend to make larger scale plans than they have the capacity to achieve but because other people’s opinions are seen as criticism rather than counsel, they are unwilling to take advice. As a result, their feathers are easily ruffled causing them to fly into rages. However, this is generally short lived and they are soon off to strut their stuff once again. Fortunately, Roosters tend to be rather well organised and efficient although they do like other people to live by their rules, irrespective of the situation.

Animal signs in Chinese Astrology also include an element and 2017 will be a fire year with the colour red, meaning that it should be an auspicious year for marriage, relationships and pregnancy. Fire Roosters are exceedingly dramatic in nature and like to cut a dash in bright and expensive clothes, so this will be a great year for all concerned with fashion. They are natural high flyers and tend to achieve great things in a short time. Utterly single minded, they are rarely distracted from their goals and easily gravitate to the top of their professions in which they demonstrate great talent for organisation and leadership.

However, beware! It will be essential to balance all this fiery, dramatic energy with time spent in solitude and harmony with friends and family. Alternative healing therapies and meditation will also be particularly advisable and help to keep stress at bay.

The keys, therefore, for 2017, will be hard work, efficiency, and single mindedness and as long as they are balanced with patience, self-discipline, sufficient rest and harmony, the year could be filled with potential.

Interestingly, just as a certain Donald looked as though he was the archetypal Trickster Monkey, it would appear that he is the archetypal Fire Rooster as well. Methinks 2017 is going to be quite a show. At any rate, it will be something of a wake-up call. The question is, a wake-up to what…?

Wishing us all a happy and peaceful 2017

Love Laurelle