How to Embrace your Inner Alchemist

As Syria continues its horrifying war, Donald Trump settles into his presidency of the United States and Teresa May negotiates Brexit, it would be all too easy to feel that we are living in a cauldron of chaos. But what if we chose to see these circumstances as opportunities for change rather than hot beds of fear, anger and prejudice?

Alchemy is the art of changing base lead into magnificent gold and is every bit as relevant for the human condition as it is for metallurgists. Embracing our Inner Alchemist means that we can transform chaos into productive peace but it requires a change of focus. Instead of slipping into worry, we have to learn to keep our cool and this is done through awareness, not naivety, cynicism or a refusal to accept what is happening.

Fortunately, we each possess a system which unfailingly tells us what is going on, even if it ends up shouting at us through pain. Our bodies are the barometer of our experience and learning to read the language of the body is essential if we are to move forward in a positive way.

It helps to think of illness as an opportunity for change rather than an inconvenience to be ignored or suppressed. Each part of the body has a message to give us. For example, our backs represent our support. Back pain and problems are our body’s way of telling us that we need to find a way of finding more support as well as strengthening ourselves not only bodily, but also in mind, emotions and spirit.

Our legs carry us ahead in life and when something goes wrong with them we are being urged to explore the path we are treading and remove any blocks that are preventing us from moving forward.

Our digestive systems digest food so when something goes wrong here we are being shown that we may not be accepting our lives and/or new ideas and allowing them to nourish us. Alternatively, we may be hanging onto people or situations that we need to let go of.

And so on through every part of our body.

Biography becomes biology which means that whatever we do, think or feel will be stored somewhere in our cells until we face and deal with those energies. Refusing to listen will eventually cause them to solidify into illness and pain.

So, every time anything “goes wrong” whether externally or internally, ask yourself: Why am I experiencing this in the bigger picture? What is it teaching me? What is the behaviour or habit that I need to change?

Increasing both internal and external awareness in this way will create the power and confidence to do what we have come here to do and enable our Inner Alchemist to transform us from lead into gold. So watch yourself and observe what your body is telling you and be aware of your feelings, working with them rather than trying to block them out or ignore them. Focus on what is good and nourishing rather than what is bad and disempowering and visualise enhanced peace and happiness rather than worrying about what might or might not go wrong with the world. Be grateful for everything – yes, everything, even when it is painful. Pain is a road to be travelled and, if we have the courage, it can take us on the path of transformation.  Finally, be gentle with yourself and others and realise that everyone is undergoing tremendous internal changes.

So watch, learn, observe and detach. Then enjoy embracing your Inner Alchemist. It will help you to become your extraordinary self and, in so doing, will allow the world to become the extraordinary world it was created to be.

Happy February.
Love Laurelle