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The Power Family Group of Archetypes – Part Two

After several months of a break from exploring the archetypes of the unconscious mind, let’s take up the subject again. If you need to refresh your mind with the part one of the Power Family group of archetypes, refer back to October 2016’s post. If you wish to go back to the beginning of our exploration of unconsciousness and the way that behaviour is affected by this 95% of our minds, then refer back to the initial post in March 2016.

This month we will look at the Hero/Heroine, the Warrior and the Knight, the Beggar, the Servant and the Martyr.

The Hero/Heroine is an archetype which is central to most of our great myths and stories. The light aspect shows an individual on a journey of initiation to awaken inner power. In the process, s/he has to face physical and inner obstacles, confronting fears of survival by conquering obstacles and performing tasks. Life is never easy for the Hero/Heroine but once victory has been attained, s/he can return to the tribe bringing something of great value to all. The shadow of this archetype is the gaining of power through disempowerment of others.

The Warrior is an archetype whose light aspect includes the qualities of physical strength, loyalty, independence and the ability to protect, defend and fight for rights. There are many types of this archetype: for instance the Mercenary, the Amazon Warrior Woman and the Sacred Warrior. Warriors right wrongs, defend their families and are brilliant at self-defence. The shadow aspect distorts or abandons ethical principles and decency in the name of victory at any cost.

The Knight, on the other hand, has the different qualities of chivalry, courtly romance, protection, honour, devotion to someone, service, loyalty and the ability to get things done. S/he walks the fine line between self-sacrifice and self-neglect. When the Knight goes into the shadow aspect, there is an absence of honour and chivalry, loyalty to a questionable ruler or principle or the rescuing of others to the detriment of self.

The next examples of archetypes within this family might seem to be in opposition, but they are in fact also Power archetypes. The Beggar archetype shows someone how to confront self-empowerment from the base level of physical survival. It also teaches the nature of generosity, compassion, and self-esteem. The shadow aspect is never having any money and/or scrounging off others.

The Servant archetype causes someone to be in service to others while in simultaneous service to the self. The shadow aspect rears its head when that person is consumed by needs of others, consequently losing the focus and value of his/her own life.

Finally let us look at the Martyr archetype, one exemplified by Jesus and other great spiritual leaders. In its light aspect, the Martyr archetype combines service and suffering for others so that others might be redeemed. In its shadow aspect is a lack of self-worth, respect and honour.

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Enjoy watching your and others’ archetypes and have a happy March.

Love Laurelle