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How to switch off from human doing back into human being

A couple of years ago I found myself wandering around doing nothing after a particularly intense period of writing. At first I felt guilty that I wasn’t being productive but the truth was that my brain was exhausted and in desperate need of a rest. In order to become a human being rather than a human doing again, I needed to give myself permission so I made up the word modge.

To modge means to wander round aimlessly, slowly, without purpose or goal until the mind is restored, the body relaxed, the emotions settled and the spirit renewed.

Many of us spend the year focussing on achievement, goals, creating, designing, marketing, blogging, networking and sweating over projects trying to make our way in the work place. Our brains are fizzing and over-active, and, according to research, we are getting three weeks less sleep a year than our grandparents.

With many of us on the verge of burn-out, August is time to make modging into an art form. Modging can be done anywhere but it is especially wonderful when we do it outside. Being in the fresh air is crucial for good health. It re-connects us with nature, brings our minds back into perspective, reconnects us with our spirit and enables our skin to make vitamin D.

The skin contains a cholesterol substance called provitamin D3 that reacts with the ultraviolet-B (or UVB) rays in sunlight to form vitamin D3 so our skin makes it when we are outside exposed in daytime. Technically a hormone, Vitamin D enhances our immune system, is essential for the proper absorption of calcium and helps us to form stronger bones. It also enhances muscle contraction, thereby reducing the risk of fractures and falls. Vitamin D benefits the lungs, regulates blood pressure and helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. It makes us feel happier and controls our appetite as Vitamin D deficiency makes us feel hungry all the time.

Modging outside therefore enables us not only to relax but also to make much needed Vitamin D. This is also important for children. Modern education and society teaches our youngsters to be obsessively busy. Between school, after-school clubs, activities and homework, they rarely have a minute to themselves. Many children feel completely lost when they are faced with silence and stillness and, like us, they feel guilty if they are not doing something. Teaching children how to modge allows them space in which they can grow, sleep better, be less anxious and reconnect with a greater reality.

Now we have arrived at the holiday month, give yourself and your loved ones permission to modge this August. Of course in the searing temperatures we are having this summer, we do need to be careful outside but modging in the early morning and evening can be utterly beautiful.

So give yourselves permission to switch off and be aimless, goal-less and purposeless for a while so you can recharge, rebalance and restore. Ditch your devices and be as technology-free as possible then smell the air, lift your face to the sky, drink in Vitamin D, smile and do absolutely nothing.

Have a happy, modging August!

Love Laurelle