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Bring on Pink – it’s time for the Year of the Pig!

As we move towards Brexit, there is more than a little change is in the air. On 5th February we move out of the Year of the Dog and into the Chinese Year of the Earth Pig. As this is the twelfth sign in the 12-year Chinese zodiac, it brings the astrological cycle to an end and is therefore a signal to take a much deserved break. This means that, with a little reflection, we should be able to be more relaxed, happy and secure. There should also be a greater sense of prosperity although the Pig can be recklessly generous which can sometimes lead to him being taken advantage of. It should be a good year for business but admin should not be neglected and debts settled as soon as possible.



The Earth Pig is happy, responsible, family-orientated, flexible and modest. He loves to teach and help others, is rather spiritual in nature and doesn’t like toxic relationships. The Pig is intellectual, open-minded and adores writing, His work relationships tend to be softer, more tolerant, forgiving and constructive than we have seen of late and loves to talk things over and persevere rather than argue so persuasion and diplomacy will be the order of the day. It is likely to be a good year for ecological solutions and the promotion of the common, rather than individual, interest but on the physical side, pigs can get fat so it is important to take plenty of exercise and avoid being lazy.

As we continue our journey into colours, let’s explore pink, the colour of the pig. Pink is emotionally soothing and calming, gently warming, kind, considerate and loving.

Nowadays, we associate pink with girls but it was not always so. In late 19th Century/early 20th century Europe, mothers were advised to dress boys in pink and girls in blue. Blue had long been associated as a feminine colour because of the supposed colour of the Virgin Mary’s robe whereas pink was seen as a boyish version of the masculine colour red. This gradually began to change in the mid-20th Century and by 1950, advertising campaigns began pushing pink as an exclusively feminine colour.

As well as being the beginning of the Year of the Earth Pig, February is also the month of St Valentine with its focus on love. Pink is the colour of love so these two go very well together indeed.

Magenta is a deeper version of pink and has strong spiritual connotations. It is associated with compassion, support and kindness, all qualities of the Earth Pig, and is a relaxing colour which doesn’t like confrontation.

This month try experimenting with pink. Its warmth during the coldness of February will bring you both joy and relief. Next month we will look at orange and yellow.

As for Brexit, we can only wait and see. Let’s hope we end up in the pink and that we’re tickled pink and not that we see pink elephants or get a pink slip from Europe…

Happy February!

Love Laurelle