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Energy through Colour – the Chakras Part Two

Last month, we looked at the colours of the first three chakras: red, orange and yellow. This month we will explore the remaining four.

Green is the colour of the heart chakra which resides in the centre of the chest. This energy governs our heart, lungs and blood and its sense is touch.

An imbalance can cause jealousy, envy and self-hatred. It is also where we store grief. Its polarity is judgement to unconditional love so try wearing green if you are having difficulties with a relationship or you want to develop more compassion. Green personalities like balance, harmony and stability in their lives. They are wonderful to have around in a crisis as they can remain calm and take control. They are great listeners and are kind, generous and compassionate. Greens make good hosts as they are concerned for everyone’s welfare. They are supportive and practical but they can be prone to gossip and also can become too perfectionist.

The colour of the throat chakra is sky blue and it governs the thyroid and parathyroid glands, the neck, mouth, ears, throat, and physical and mental development.

Its sense is hearing and an imbalance here can result in identity problems, communication difficulties, isolation and aloofness. The polarity is suppression to expression so try wearing this colour if you are having issues with either speaking your truth or speaking too much. Blue personalities are excellent communicators and are clever and resourceful. They can be adventurous and are usually willing to have a go at anything. Blue is a cooling, healing colour so they can offer great comfort. However, they can become remote when they are struggling. Blues are loyal and make wonderful friends but they need to be able to trust or they will sever ties. They like to be around like-minded people and can become worried that there will not be enough money to go around.

Next is the brow chakra whose colour is indigo. Located between the eyebrows, it governs the base of skull, eyes, the pituitary gland and the autonomic nervous system. An imbalance here can lead to headaches.

The polarity is ignorance to wisdom so if you are having issues with repeated mistakes, then try wearing this colour. Indigo people are structured, organised, intuitive and independent. Justice is very important to Indigos as they try to create stability and fairness in the world around them from their deep understanding. They are often popular because they express themselves well and can be creative and friendly. However, they can become overloaded as they are not good at saying ‘no’.

Finally, there is the crown chakra which, as its name implies, sits at the crown of the head. Its colour is violet. This chakra governs the eyes, upper skull, headaches, pineal gland, hair and central nervous system and an imbalance can lead to anxiety and Parkinson’s so use violet if you need to be calmer and more connected to the whole.

Violet personalities are intellectual, imaginative, charming and philosophical and are often psychically gifted. They can be private but, as long as this is respected, they are approachable enough. They long to make the world a better place yet still love to live life to the full. They often look younger than they are as they are so inspired but if they don’t succeed, they can become very critical of themselves. This, when combined with their impracticality and secretiveness, can lead them to becoming remote and cold.

Enjoy playing with these colours over the next month. Next time we will be looking at turquoise and purple.

Have a very happy Easter.

Love Laurelle