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How turquoise and purple can transform your life

As we continue to explore colours, let’s look at turquoise and purple. Both contain mixtures of colours and therefore different frequencies. Turquoise is a mixture of blue and green and imbues the unusual combination of energy and calm. It can therefore be used for both exhilaration and relaxation. Turquoise is a sensitive colour and aids creativity. In nature, it is associated with the beautiful hues of a tropical sea.

Turquoise people are friendly, approachable, empathetic and caring. They speak well in public as they are clear thinkers. Their green base means that they speak from the heart and their blue base means that they are easy to communicate with and will express their true selves. They can often have highly developed intuitive abilities and seek spiritual fulfilment.

However, there is a tendency to swing from one emotion to another, seeming cool and confident on one hand but being in chaos underneath. Balance is therefore really important for turquoises who can also be impractical and idealistic. Turquoises can become easily bored and so like to do several things rather than just concentrating on one but this can mean that they take on too much and become scattered at times.

Turquoise is ultimately the colour of freedom. It controls and heals the emotions and so is useful if you are feeling unhappy. Try wearing turquoise when you are feeling the effects of mental strain or you feel in some way jaded (pun intended!). It will help you to feel refreshed as though you’d had a dip in those wondrous waters or flown in those magical skies so you are inspired to make a fresh start. Turquoise also really helps if you are feeling lonely as it helps you to find emotional balance and release creative blocks.

Purple, on the other hand, takes us up to the sky and the deep beyond.

Unlike violet which is displayed in the visible light spectrum, purple is a mixture of red and blue. This means that it includes and combines both frequencies – the energy and strength of red and the communication and integrity of blue. Together, they are then transformed into something powerful and rather magical. This marriage symbolises the union of body and soul and sits at the third eye, the centre of wisdom. It stimulates the imagination and intuition and helps creativity. It is mystical and musical, spiritual and compassionate.

Purple is beloved by the royal family and is associated with nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple represents wealth, creativity, wisdom and dignity along with devotion, peace and mystery. Purple people can be solitary flyers and are private but they understand the sacredness of the world and are capable of living within it. However their Achilles Heel can be to retreat into a fantasy world and live with their head in the clouds.

Try using purple when you are feeling anxious or need to calm your mind. Purple helps with trauma, helps to pacify obsessions and fears and has a deep, calming effect on the psyche.

You can also use purple to help you connect with your deepest thoughts. It can help you to seek the meaning of life and a more personal fulfilment so that you can expand your horizons and connect with a higher level of consciousness. Purple represents the future, imagination and dreams and yet can help us stay grounded and down to earth.

Turquoise and purple therefore offer a range of beautiful qualities, experiences and ways of healing. Enjoy exploring them this month as the colours of nature burgeon into summer.

Love Laurelle xx