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Why some people are more susceptible to Covid-19 than others?

We are told that Covid is affecting the already ill, obese and elderly more than others. And yet this picture is already beginning to change as apparently previously healthy and younger people are now also catching it.


A possible explanation is resonance. We know that everything is energy and that energy is vibration. Vibration is resonance and this seems to be the key. Covid resonates at 5.5 Hz – 14.5 hz (cycles per second) and it dies at above 25.5 Hz.

Image by PublicDomainPictures – Pixabay

In other words, it cannot survive vibrating about 26hz.

Because the Earth’s total average frequency resonance is now 27.4 hz, Covid cannot last long on this planet. So as long as we keep resonating higher than 25.5hz, we should be okay.

Unfortunately, some places lower our resonance. For example, resonance can drop to well below 20hz in hospitals, prisons, near power lines, in vehicles, shopping malls, offices and pubs.

Worse still, are negative emotions. Pain, fear, resentment, irritation, anger, pride, abandonment and superiority can take us down to as low as 2hz.

Image by Michal Jarmoluk – Pixabay

Negative emotions are often a result of refusing to face what we really feel. Indeed, they take us in a loop round and around and around. We know that something is wrong but we don’t know what because we have tried to bury it. The result is that we are in a permanent, or near permanent state of dis-ease.

If keeping our resonance high means eating healthily, exercising sufficiently, being outside in nature for part of each day and being in a positive state of mind, we should be okay. And yet Covid is causing many of us to feel out of control. Globally, nationally and personally, our lives are causing us to be triggered negatively every day because there is so much change and uncertainty.

The science of emotions is clear on this. When we allow ourselves to feel openly, like a child, our cell receptors remain open. When we repress our emotions a chemical reaction blocks our cell receptors. Blocking means stuck energy and stuck energy means a lowering of our resonance. Stuck energy also means that the memory stays inside the cells so that when they regenerate the memory regenerates with them.

Image by Arek Socha – Pixabay

Fortunately for us, cells renew themselves at an extraordinarily fast rate. Skin cells renew themselves every three weeks – as we can see from that fading tan! Liver cells renew every six weeks. The stomach lining renews every three days and eyes every 48 hours. That means that the eye you had two days ago is not the eye you have now. Astonishing!

This also means that, even if we are feeling bad for a while, soon all of our cells will have renewed themselves and we won’t have to carry on feeling that way. Doesn’t it? But this only works if our cells regenerate perfectly and don’t replicate that stuck memory.

And if we don’t want to replicate that stuck memory, we have to release it.

Our job then is to ensure that our cells renew from their perfect, energy flowing state, not their stuck energy, dis-eased state. This means cleaning them up and getting all that stuck energy moving again. It means facing all those emotions we have tried to bury. It means becoming as vulnerable as a little child again. It means daring to shake and cry and do whatever it takes to get that stuck energy moving again and releasing from our cells.

Image by LIAN30 – Pixabay

There are some socially acceptable ways of getting back in touch with our repressed emotions but most of them are vicarious and work through other people’s emotions rather than our own. For example, we can watch a film and cry. Or we can read a novel and live through the emotions of the characters. Or we can have an episode of road rage and scream.

But to release emotions safely and completely we have to turn inwards and look inside to the part of our body that is storing the stuck energy. Our bodies are wonderful communicators. They tell us exactly where we are hiding repressed emotion because they hurt. By looking at that hurt we can identify the cells that are holding the negative memories and ultimately release them. Then those cells will be free to replicate themselves perfectly again.

Music is also really potent in its ability to bring memories back to the surface. Indeed, much work is currently being done with Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients to help them reconnect with hidden memories and thereby reconnect with their lives.

So how about seeing Covid as a positive opportunity to enter the pressure cooker and face the emotions it is forcing us to feel? Not only will this attitude help to keep our vibrations high, but it will also set us on a path to emotional healing. Dare to take some time to really feel those emotions and watch the images that come up to see where the feelings originated. Dare to go as far back into our memory as the stuck energy takes us and rip off any lids that might be trying to hide the feelings. Dare to uncover the higher resonance that exists naturally inside a healthy cell and lose all that anxiety and depression, stress and overwhelm, fear and loss of control that covers it up.

In other words, dare to keep your resonance high enough that you can avoid dis-ease. Learn to be vulnerable and talk to friends and family. Seek a therapist who can give you a safe space to do the work. Allow yourself silence so that you can go deeply within yourself and learn to understand what your body is telling you.

Dare to resonate highly and be well.

Joy 2 – Image by Jill Wellington – Pixabay