95% of our mind is Unconscious. Archetypes are the language of the Unconscious Mind, so learning what our archetypes are can help us to understand ourselves and our behaviour.

We first become aware of archetypes through fairy tales: for example the Damsel, the Knight, the Wicked Step Mother, the Servant, the Bully and the Fool. According to Caroline Myss, PhD, we have twelve archetypes and all share four of them – Child, Victim, Saboteur and Prostitute. Exploring these and identifying the remaining eight will help you to understand why you do what you do, who you appear to be, and why you have chosen certain pathways over others.

Archetypes can also be seen as colours through which our energy is filtered, creating drive and motivation as we attempt to become more conscious. They act as our best friends, challenging us to face those parts of ourselves that are still unconscious. Identifying them frees us to make genuine decisions in our lives so that we no longer have to react from hidden, unconscious behaviours.

Our work/business will also have archetypes. Once our personal and business archetypes are in line with each other, we will live more authentic, compassionate and satisfying lives.

Workshops can be designed for groups. Personal sessions are also available.

Some testimonials:

“I now have a greater understanding of understand my own and other people’s behaviour. Understanding our archetypes shows us when we are in or out of our personal power. Laurelle’s charming and witty way brings the archetypes to life. She clearly has a deep understanding of her subject and is passionate about empowering others.”
K.B. Oxfordshire

“Learning about the archetypes from Laurelle has made a big impact and difference in my life.”
A.S. Buckinghamshire

“I have been blown away by the depth of Laurelle’s understanding and knowledge. This knowledge has been incredibly helpful to me.”
G. B. Oxfordshire

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