Bowls and Voice

Are you feeling ill, anxious or stressed?  

Let the beautiful sounds of Himalayan and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Voice and Percussion tune you back into health.

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The British Academy of  Sound Therapy method of Sound Therapy is a non-invasive way of helping us to achieve our optimum state of being by using different types of sound wave to restore the body, mind and spirit to balance. Voice, Himalayan and quartz crystal bowls and percussion all have frequencies which can facilitate profound changes in the system. The BAST method offers a wonderfully relaxing and de-stressing treatment which is beautiful to receive. This treatment is also highly effective in re-balancing the hormonal difficulties of the menopause.

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Some testimonials:

“I booked into see Laurelle for a sound therapy treatment to help my general wellbeing. I was amazed at how brilliant and talented Laurelle is with music and with her natural healing abilities. Laurelle asked me questions about my health and my past history and was able to establish some of the stresses in my life which had contributed to my symptoms. The treatment was a thrilling and relaxing experience. She used instruments which made the most amazing mystical sounds and used her voice as part of the healing process. I could actually feel the musical sounds/vibration and her voice work on my body. When she was working on certain areas of my body I could feel a difference in energy there. I walked away feeling very relaxed and more spiritually attuned. I would recommend Laurelle’s treatments to anyone.”
B. B. Oxford

“Still feeling fantastic after yesterday. After my sound therapy treatment, one of my clients agreed to pay for 12 months of coaching IN ADVANCE!!!!!  Couldn’t believe it! I am convinced the sound therapy opened pathways for me.”
T. M. Newbury

“Having deeply relaxing sound therapy sessions has had huge benefits on my sense of well being as well as a direct and positive impact on reducing my stress levels. If you want to rebalance your body and mind, I’d highly recommend you see Laurelle.”
L.A. Bucks

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Venue:      Little Milton, Oxfordshire

Cost: Initial two hour treatment, including full medical history – £95

One and a half hour subsequent treatment – £75

If you would like more information or to book a session please email me on  or phone/text me on 07964 161527