Colour Therapy

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Colour and sound are both forms of light, forty octaves apart – we simply perceive them differently. Colour lightens emotions and so is particularly helpful for grief, bereavement, depression and anxiety. Colour can also show you who you are, what you need to do to access your inner self, and how you can best serve the world.

Receiving colour therapy is beautiful and calming and enables you to reach a depth that is immensely relaxing.

Laurelle bowl room

Some testimonials:

“I am still feeling very empowered and centred – thank you for giving me the works!  I really have benefited from both the colour and sound in equal measure and found the combination very empowering.” 
M.N. Bucks

“I felt safe immediately I entered your healing space and was therefore able to open up and talk about where I felt vulnerable and where I needed help and support from you.  Thank you for giving me so much of your time.”
N.M. Marlow

Venue:      Little Milton, Oxfordshire

Cost: Initial two hour treatment, including full medical history – £95

One and a half hour subsequent treatment – £75


If you would like more information or to book a session please email me on or phone/text me on 07964 161527