A series of workshops and/or private sessions to develop awareness and self-knowledge through the exploration of the self.



Plato first suggested that the human psyche works through patterns. Carl Jung developed this further, giving them such names as The King, The Child, The Wicked Step Mother and the Servant, patterns that we first come across in fairy tales. Since archetypes are held in our unconscious minds, understanding them can help us to understand our behaviour, why we do what we do and our default reactions. Caroline Myss has gone on to suggest that we are each born with twelve primary archetypes, four of which are common to us all.

The Archetype Shift is a one-to-one exploration and discovery of the twelve archetypes that inhabit your Unconscious mind and how knowing this can enable you to choose your behaviour and move away from reaction to response. 






This is a series of five personal development workshops designed to help you discover your Inner Self. Shining light on fear and letting it go results in self awareness and a shift into confidence. This is made easier by lightness of spirit and so the workshops are conducted with fun and humour in a totally safe environment. In order to understand the patterns behind a lack of confidence, the workshops will take you on a journey through your behaviour by looking at the four survival archetypes: The Child, The Victim, The Saboteur and The Prostitute. Correct breathing, mindful language, pubic speaking, healing using the voice and looking at your life stories will take you on a journey to the centre of yourself so that you can build up your confidence naturally and with awareness.



Laurelle through harp strings

This is a series of three workshops exploring the archetypal patterns of the Unconscious mind. Looking into our minds can be a little like peering through harp strings: the impression is there but not the detail. Learning the language of the Unconscious  – archetypes – can help to shine a light on your thoughts and actions as well as those of others. Working in a group can be an enlightening and fun way to delve deep as we discover each person’s twelve primary archetypes and their offshoots.


The Hero’s Journey


A series of four sets of workshops which look at ancient tales to reveal an encoded map for life, the journey of the male, the journey of the female and the divine and sacred marriage between the two.


The Faces of the Feminine

In the early 1900s, European missionaries taught Australian Aborigines to play football. The Aboriginal children played until both sides had equal scores because they lived in a matrilineal society which valued co-operation and caring. The missionaries spent many years teaching them that there should be winners and losers because they came from a patriarchal society which valued action, domination and power. The result was violence, extreme unhappiness and dislocation.

The Feminine has a thousand faces most of which have been hidden, repressed and devalued by culture and religion. It is time to rediscover them so that society can be brought back into a more compassionate balance and qualities such as unity, connectedness and unconditional love returned to the world.

In this series of three monthly morning workshops, we will rediscover the Faces of the Feminine and see how we can express them in ourselves, be we male or female. This will raise our consciousness, unleash compassionate power and help the world to restore the natural equality and balance of the Masculine and Feminine.

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The Faces of the Masculine

What does it mean to be a man?

Do you understand your father, husband and sons?

How does the male part of your female psychology work?

Sometimes it seems that men and women are totally different species and that they think, differently, feel differently and act differently from each other. The truth, however, is that each of us, irrespective of gender, has a male and female aspect and that, in order for us to achieve happiness, these two aspects need to “marry”.


In these three monthly morning workshops, we will learn how to understand the seven major gods/archetypes of the Greek pantheon. Understanding the acceptable Faces of the Masculine in society helps us not only to understand our menfolk but also how we as women can safely develop ourselves. The ‘other half’ no longer need be a mystery. Instead we can embrace it as the half of ourselves that makes us complete.

Dates and Location: Friday mornings 10am – 12.30pm on 16th February, 16th March and 20th April 2018 in Little Milton, Oxfordshire.

Cost: £179, payable in full by the beginning of the workshops. Earlybird – only £159 if paid by 15th January 2018. Monthly standing order also possible.


If you would like more information, to book a session or request workshops, please email me  or phone/text me on 07964 161527