Chanting in Sanskrit can help us take back the steering wheel of our lives. When we know what we want, we can use sound combined with the Law of Attraction to create it. Home practice is encouraged so that we are in control of our future. See chanting for group sessions.

Some testimonials:

“The energy shift and dynamics between myself and others is an objective, tangible measure of the positive effect of mantras. We are all happier.”
Dr. L.S., Bucks

“Mantra brought more physical energy, greater spiritual connection, emotional stability, mental clarity all of which left me feeling brighter and more enthusiastic about life again.”
J.B., Swindon

“Laurelle has a beautiful voice and excellent diction, adding great depths of richness to her chanting which is wonderfully beneficial.”
C.T., Oxon

Venue:      Little Milton, Oxfordshire

Cost: Initial two hour treatment, including full medical history – £95

One and a half hour subsequent treatment – £75


If you would like more information or to book a session please email me on or phone/text me on 07964 161527