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“Laurelle’s music makes my heart sing.” A. R.  Oxfordshire


Laurelle’s first album of piano compositions. Gentle, peaceful and calming.

Layout 1

Track 1 – In the beginning
Track 7 – Elf Dance
Track 10 – Transcendance

“This music is beautiful music.” K.E. Oxfordshire.

“After a hard day at work there is nothing more relaxing than listening to Laurelle’s music.” M.J. London


Laurelle’s second album of piano compositions. Dreamy, relaxing and restorative.

Layout 1

Track 1 – Together
Track 4 – Walk to Terezine
Track 11 – Coming Home

“Sublime.” L.S. Buckinghamshire

I do not have words to express my gratitude for your wonderful performance. It was so special, beautiful and moving… You moved me so deeply.” D.N. Great Milton


Laurelle’s third album of piano compositions. Inspiring, meditative and rebalancing.

Layout 1

Track 5 – Inspiration
Track 6 – Floating Clouds
Track 13 – Wandering

“Our family loves it!” SB Buckinghamshire

“Soothing.” L.L. Oxfordshire


Voice and Instrumental – clarsach, guitar, sounding bowl, piano, accordion and lap harp


Track 5 – Flight of dreams
Track 8 – Drifting
Track 9 – Time to dance

“I play this all the time.  It is simply wonderful.” I. M. Berkshire


Voice and Instrumental  – clarsach, guitar, piano, recorders, shruti box, lap harp and percussion


Track 3 – Walk to Journey to the Stars
Track 5 – Riding Through the Mist
Track 6 – Winter

“Your voice is so special, Laurelle. A triumph.” C.T. Oxford


Voice and Instrumental – clarsach, guitar, piano, lap harp and drum


Track 8 – Spring
Track 9 – Song of the Heart Beat
Track 10 – We are Soul

Beautiful.” H.M. Oxfordshire


Voice and Instrumental – clarsach, guitar, piano, keyboard and lap harp


Love Track 2 – Petals
Love Track 5 – You’re going home
Love Track 6 – Once upon a time

Glorious.” J.L. Buckinghamshire



Immerse yourself in the beautiful sounds of Himalayan bowls, voice, crystal bowls and percussion for a deeply relaxing sonic massage of body, emotions, mind and spirit. Lay back, close your eyes and allow the sounds to wash over you. This is best listened to on a hi-fi system in order that the sounds can fully surround you and you can feel their vibration throughout your body. Do not listen to while driving or operating machinery.

Sound Bath Card Sleeve

Sound Bath – Sample

“WOW! The sound bath CD took me immediately into a state of peace and contentment – to a place where everything feels OK and as it should be. My body was buzzing – particularly up and down my spine, and I felt much clearer and ‘cleaner’ inside. Towards the end I went into a waking dream state and felt almost as if I was floating out of my body as it became weightless and less dense. It was good that the percussion was there at the end to bring me back, though I could quite happily have gone on floating forever!” K. G. Herefordshire


Gongs are one of the earliest known instruments. The deep resonating sound with overtones vibrates right through you, giving you renewed energy and focus. Enjoy the drama of gongs in your own home. Feel the waves pulse through you as you lie down then allow the soothing sounds of percussion to relax you into a state of bliss.

This is best listened to on a good quality hi-fi system to allow the sound waves to fully surround you. Do not listen to while driving or operating machinery.

gongs card sleeve

Gongs and Percussion – Sample

Deeply relaxing. Y.G. Buckinghamshire


A Mantra is a group of Sanskrit syllables. Unlike modern languages, Sanskrit is a language of energy rather than meaning. hence, chanting in Sanskrit alters the energy around us according to the intention we put behind the chant. Mantra can also be used as a soothing, sonic soul massage helping us to de-stress and find clarity.

mantra Card Sleeve Front

Once you have decided upon your intention, chant the mantra 108 times keeping your intention in the forefront of your mind. You may follow this with as many chants as you like but each intention and mantra should be chanted 108 times.

This contains all five of the Mantra chants listed below.

For healing – Celestial Physician: Om sri dhanvantre namaha This can be used to open up to healing, on whichever level it is needed – physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual.

For removing specific obstacles: Om gum ganapatayei namaha If you want to remove an obstacle, e.g. fear, find the opposite word for the intention and say, for example, “I want to remove the obstacle to confidence.”

For strength and protection: Om dum durga yeah namaha This mantra helps to strengthen your aura and to protect you. It is especially useful if you are lacking in boundaries or confidence or if you feel unsafe.

For abundance in all things including love: Om sri maha Lakshmi yeah swaha This mantra will bring you abundance on all levels.

For peace: Om Shante Om Ideally, finish your chanting practice with this mantra as it will soothe any energetic shifts which have taken place so that your path of progression may be smooth.


Tone along with Laurelle sounding the notes of the Chakras with your voice while visualising the Chakra colours to bring your body, mind and energy system into alignment with each other. This is a wonderful way to start your day and can help to keep you healthy.