ancestral and family healing

Laurelle through harp strings

Sometimes it’s impossible to see our lives clearly, understand why certain things happen to us and why we feel the way we do. Science has now confirmed that we inherit the unresolved issues of our ancestors. Past traumas, psychological wounds, pain and shock pass down through the generations of each family until it can be resolved. This can mean that each of us can carry the unresolved negativity of more than a hundred people.

For instance, take the story of the young man in Russia who became chronically depressed once he’d joined the army. Eventually it was discovered that when his now deceased grandfather had been fighting in a war, his wife had had an affair. The grandfather had died an angry man and this anger was released when his grandson joined the army.  The young man’s depression was only relieved when he received healing for his ancestral line.

Unlike the Eastern World, the Western World has stopped respecting its ancestors. Yet, if you have your family tree drawn up, you will realise with stark clarity that, without just one of them, you wouldn’t be here. Our ancestors leave us a legacy that must be honoured it so that it can be healed. If we refuse to listen, then it may shout and may make our lives extremely uncomfortable.

So come and have your ancestral line cleared. Not only will you feel lighter and free to live your own life at last, but your children will no longer have to carry the burden of ancestral guilt and pain. It is the biggest present you could ever give to yourself or your children.

Some testimonials:

“I feel so much lighter now we have started working on clearing my ancestral issues.” Z.W. London

“I didn’t understand why certain things were happening to me until Laurelle explained that unresolved ancestral issues can stick in one’s unconscious mind. It was a relief to know that I don’t have to own all this baggage and that it can be released. Already I feel much lighter and more able to move forward easily.” A.E. Buckinghamshire

“I don’t want my children to have to go through the pain I have gone through. Clearing it is the best present I could ever give them.” S.L. Buckinghamshire

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