meditation, chanting and mindfulness

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In this fast-paced world, it is all too easy to react rather than respond to situations and people so that, effectively, we lose our power of choice. Mindfulness teaches us to focus, observe and detach so that we can use our free will and make active rather than passive decisions. It also teaches us non-judgement and compassion for ourselves and others, as well as bringing us into the present moment.

Meditation teaches mental discipline, enabling us to relax, let go of anxiety, do nothing, and once again become human beings rather than human doings. It is completely non-religious although all religions practice forms of meditation, contemplation and prayer. Learning how to meditate can aid health and is often prescribed to give relief from anxiety and insomnia.

Toning the chakras (energy centres) is a profound yet easy way of using the voice to resonate our body, mind and spirit. When done collectively, the power can be astonishing. Toning the Universal Sound can bring us to an altered state of consciousness in which we can experience great beauty and insight.

Chanting mantra as a group can bring people together in a most extraordinary way. It also helps to develop the voice, as does toning, and can help us to change our lives and create a brighter future for ourselves, each other and our communities.

Mindfulness and Meditation groups teach us how to train our minds so that we can be master of our minds rather than allowing our minds to be master of us.

Chanting groups enable us to join together, build up our energy, access a deeper part of ourselves and send healing energy out to our loved ones and the wider community.


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