In this group we concentrate on building energy with toning and chanting. The atmosphere can become electric but it is always safe, relaxing, and empowering as the energy helps us to reconnect us with our greater selves.

“Chanting with Laurelle is always highly informative and extremely practical. Being guided in these amazingly effective ancient mantras is incredibly valuable and to do so in a group is quite simply awe-inspiring.  Life seems to fall into place when I practice chanting.  Thank you Laurelle.” – J.L. Oxfordshire

“I put down the inquiry I had to day to run a workshop for 50 students to YOUR AMAZING SESSION in which I sent healing thoughts to my business!” – M.M. Oxford

“The empowerment Chinese chant is magic. It makes me feel more powerful and confident in solving especially financial problems.” –  S.S. Slough

During lockdown, I am offering a free weekly chanting Zoom session on Thursday evenings 7 – 8pm GMT. Email me if you would like a link.

If you would like more information or to book please Contact Me on or phone/text me on 07964 161527

Together we really can make a difference