the clarity shift

Laurelle through harp strings

The Clarity Shift is a series of three personal development workshops exploring the archetypal patterns of the Unconscious mind. Looking into our minds can be a little like peering through harp strings: the impression is there but not the detail. Learning the language of the Unconscious  – archetypes – can help to shine a light on your thoughts and actions as well as those of others.

In this series of three workshops, you will discover your twelve main archetypes and how you can use them to help you steer your life and relationships more consciously.

Workshop One 

Learn how the four survival archetypes Child, Victim, Saboteur and Prostitute form the roots of your life.

Workshop Two 

Discover the twelve major archetypes that you work through.

Workshop Three 

Understand how you can use these archetypes to understand yourself and your behaviour.

Some testimonials

“The study of the main archetypes has been very helpful in understanding why I behave or have behaved in certain ways. It is good to know that I can move in and out of these as appropriate and they have a light as well as dark side. I have been on several of Laurelle’s workshops and return every time knowing that I will be richer at the end. The workshops have helped me to become more self-aware so that I can fulfill my purpose in life.”
D. F. Maidenhead

“Laurelle’s workshops are interesting and thought provoking. I have gained insight into my and other people’s behaviours and am more aware of myself. As a result I am more “in” my life and present in the now.”
L.M. Oxford

“What an amazing journey! These workshops have been a great insight into my own and others’ behaviours. I now realise that I have a choice and that I can use the energy of particular archetypes when necessary.”
H.F. Oxford

The time is 10 am – 12.30 pm on Friday mornings.

The venue is the beautiful Pine Lodge, Little Milton, Oxfordshire OX44 7PZ. There is a charming cafe next door which sells delicious homemade cakes.

The cost is £195 for the three workshops, payable in advance. Staged payments via monthly standing order are also acceptable. Please contact me to book.