The Enlightened Voice

Speaking in public is the number fear of the Western world but it doesn’t need to be. Learn techniques that will enable you to present yourself with strength, charisma and confidence. Shift from fear to confidence and your audience will love to listen to you.

The Seat of Confidence in the body is in the throat and activated by singing, toning and chanting. Learn how to use your voice in a fun, unthreatening way to shift you into the present moment and transform your confidence.

Learning how to develop your voice whether for speaking or singing or both, is a joy. In these workshops we will develop volume, pace, melody and clarity in a fun and safe environment. We will laugh, sing and recite our passions and even tell some of our stories as we connect with our hearts and express ourselves through our voices.

Using the voice in a healthy, joyful way also enables us to connect with and release feelings safely. Indeed, although speaking and singing, chanting and humming are very physical activities which bring us into our bodies and out of our minds, the voice also beautifully connects us with all four levels of our being : body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Some testimonials

“I am now enjoying the sounds I make and, as a result, am feeling stronger, calmer and more content.”
D. F. Maidenhead

“Laurelle is the most amazing person I have ever met. Now I love singing and the physical feeling of using my voice. She is an inspiration!
L.M. Oxford

“What an amazing journey! These workshops have given me the confidence to speak out and, with a new appreciation for my voice and sound, I have even started giving public talks which has really helped my business!”
H.F. Oxford

If you would like more information or to book workshops, please email me at  or phone/text me on 07964 161527