The Pendulum

Learning how to use a pendulum can transform your life.  By responding to small nerve reactions in your fingers, the pendulum reads your unconscious mind and shows you via movement information that you already know but cannot otherwise access.

The amount of hidden wisdom  that we hold inside us is extraordinary. From finding underground water to locating lost items; from balancing chakras to changing energy; from reading past lives and gaining ancestral insights, using the pendulum can reveal wisdom to us that we didn’t realise we knew.

Some testimonials for the workshops:

“Learning how to use a pendulum with Laurelle has enabled me to increase my energy and take back my power. I’m hugely grateful.” J.C. Oxford

“Laurelle has an uncommon wisdom and wonderful sense of humour that enables deep learning. I have grown as a person immeasurably through attending her fun and insightful classes. Learning how to use the pendulum has been a revelation. I can now find lost items and have a far better relationship with the hidden parts of myself.” S.F. Oxfordshire

“A thought provoking workshop about the many layers of a story that manifest through one’s life. The course illuminated many emotional aspects, giving me comfort that difficult times will pass and transform into the next phase. Knowing that there is a map and what to expect is comforting and reveals a sense of purpose.” K.B. Buckinghamshire

“These workshops have proved invaluable. I have also enjoyed being a part of such a thoughtful, sensitive group of women whose sharing of reflections has been honest and deep.” L.M. Oxfordshire

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