public speaking


Are you frightened of speaking in public?

Is your voice weak?

Do you feel charismatic?

Public speaking is the number one fear of the Western world. When you take yourself out of the group you automatically become stressed and every time you speak you give away a vast amount of information about yourself.

Fortunately, public speaking doesn’t have to be scary. Increase your confidence and vocal technique by strengthening your voice and its range. Improve your posture and breathing and learn about volume and pace. Enjoy public speaking, become charismatic and your audience will want to listen to you. 

“I have found the vocal sessions extremely helpful in increasing my confidence when speaking in public. I walked into Laurelle’s room feeling flat and low on energy. By the time we had finished stretching and doing some wonderful breathing exercises I was already beginning to feel more grounded and relaxed in my body. The warm up exercises got me into the swing of things and were all good fun. I used my lips and mouth in ways I wouldn’t normally and freed up my clenched jaw.” T.M. Berkshire

“I always walk away from the sessions full of energy and self confidence.” L.S. Buckinghamshire

“Laurelle has bags of experience, a lovely and supportive teaching style and is hugely encouraging.” E.S. Oxfordshire

“Laurelle has taught me that when you let go of your inhibitions anything is possible.” A.H. Oxfordshire

A lesson in public speaking costs £60 for an hour.  

Discover the exhilaration of speaking in public

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