freeing your voice

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Our voices are designed to keep us healthy, communicate with others and express ourselves. If we are told that our voice is not good enough, we soon learn to limit it to a fraction of its power and deny ourselves one of our most valuable and enjoyable gifts. By learning specific breathing and vocal techniques, we can free our minds of such limiting beliefs and rediscover our voice’s unique sound.

“Voice therapy with Laurelle has to be the best food for my soul I have found to date!” L.S. Buckinghamshire

“Laurelle really helped me to rediscover my voice, which I’d not let out in front of anyone else for years! For Laurelle, the voice is part of the whole person, and being encouraged and guided by her is a very uplifting experience that makes singing feel as if it’s the most natural and joyful thing in the world to do. She’s a highly talented singer and musician herself and yet has the rare ability to carry her talent lightly, enabling others to shine just as brightly. Singing with her has had huge benefits on my sense of well being as well as a direct and positive impact on reducing my stress levels. If you want to liberate your voice I’d highly recommend you see Laurelle.” L.A. Oxfordshire

“Having the courage to use my voice without judgement has changed my life.” L.W. Oxfordshire

“I only wish I had done this years ago.” N.H. Buckinghamshire

“I actually like myself now.” L.S. Buckinghamshire

Cost: £60 for an hour’s lesson

Venue: Little Milton, Oxfordshire

If you would like more information or to book lessons please email me on or phone me on 07964 161527

I look forward to helping you discover your beautiful voice